Food Truck Case Study

Food Truck Case Study

I was paired up a hospitality management student to create an identity for her fictitious food truck. The student I was paired up with wanted to feature all of her favorite foods on her truck.

She described the food truck as bright, fun and energetic.  All words that described her as a person! She said that she favored the colors blue and green because that would help to convey her experiences in both the culinary and hospitality programs at LTC.  Instagram was a logo that she really enjoyed and liked the style of.

The name “Sabrina Street Smiles” would be the main focal point of the logo and have some simple flowy line work surrounding it.

Our goal for this project was to develop a logo and identity that would appeal to all foodies who are looking for alternative healthy eating options. We want to communicate that colorful, fun and simple options are available through​ Sabrina Street Smiles.

I came up with a few different sketches and ended up going a little outside of the box of what she had originally wanted. In the end she wanted a very specific logo with the previous ideas in mind . This shows that I can be creative but also cater to the customers requirements. She was extremely happy with the logos below and wanted me to run with them. I used a gradient with the blue and the green which is similar to the Instagram logo. The shape of the logo is also the same as Instagram just turned. When deciding on a font, I incorporated a flowy font that had some simple line-work incorporated. This logo ended up hitting all the requirements that she had in mind!

Sandwich board menu
Handout menu
T-shirt mockup
Cup mockup